|Foster An Author| Risque Romance by: Mandi Konesni

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Book 2- Risque Romance Vol 2

Naomi Trahern is as straight laced as they come. She deals in facts and cold hard science. Stubborn to the core, she hasnít met a theory she canít solve. That is, until a visit to the Amazon rainforest yields a sample she just canít explain. Trapped with a larger than life jaguar in a sunken temple, Naomi is forced to accept that her cut and dry world isnít so easily explained after all. When two worlds collide and the steamy jungle unleashes fantasies hidden in the depths of night, can Naomi embrace the extraordinary and unexplained, or does reality rear its head and pull her home?

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Bored of a solitary existence, a titan goddess creates Esoteric Inc, an agency that handles cases ìnormalî Private Investigators wouldnít touch. Then Ryder Dreki, alpha of the Icelandic dragons, steps into her office. His request? Assist him with locating a kidnapped dragonling as well as the Stone of Wisdom, stolen from his hoard. When Ryder demands to accompany her, she soon realizes that dealing with a hot-headed, arrogant dragon was definitely not in her job description. When Ryder is attacked, Electra must chooseÖ protect the world, or protect the scaled menace sheís grown to love.

What would you risk to have it all?

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Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Risque-Romance-2-Mandi-Konesni/dp/1946021903

Signed- https://www.mandikonesni.com/product/risque2/

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About The Author: 

Mandi Konesni

Mandi resides in Ohio, where she shares her workspace with an ornery bassle pup. In addition to writing, she runs an online storefront, a roleplaying website, and is a 3rd Degree High Priestess. Sheís an avid reader and blogger, who adores music. Whenever there is a concert in town, you can bet sheís taking the night off and cheering on her favorite bands. She can easily be bribed with peanut butter M&Ms, gemstones, hot lead singers, and gargoyles.
Website- https://www.mandikonesni.com

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