Blogger Lost in Book Bonanza

This week kicked off the very first Book Bonanza Book signing in Denver, Colorado!

The event officially started today but it’s been an amazing and exciting week leading up to today.

What is Book Bonanza you ask? It’s an event hosted by author Colleen Hoover to raise money for SafeHouse Denver.

The list of authors alone is enough to make this girl feel overwhelmed but on top of it all it’s my very first signing. As an individual I’m lost and as a book blogger I don’t know where to begin. I’m such a small fish in a huge pond and to top it off I came into this event without a tribe of other book lovers. Fact is I don’t have any friends who love books like myself. So it’s been a little overwhelming but in the name of charity and amazing authors I’m all about it.

I will be posting throughout the event and hopefully posting pictures with some of my favorite authors!! If you don’t already just press the follow button and join me for this amazing event!!




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