|New Release| Exploding Love by: Amanda Siegrist

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♡ Exploding Love (A Romantic Suspense/Psychic Short Story)


Bang. Boom.

Isabella Thorn has lived her life with vision after vision, trying to help save people when she can. Of course, not all can be saved. Her latest vision hits her so strong, she’s out for hours. Worse, she sees Detective Bo Chapman, the only man to ever capture her heart, shoot her to save other people from the bomb strapped to her chest. Now she must come face to face with Bo to tell him what’s coming. Something so vicious and brutal, she’s not sure she’ll survive. He’ll need to make a choice. Let the bomb blow, or kill her to save everyone else.

Note: This romantic suspense/psychic short story was born out of my weekly flash fiction I write. The first few chapters are from my flashes. I hope you enjoy this short thrilling story!


The bomber said he could see everything. If Bo approached her, he’d blow everything with a touch of a button. No trying to diffuse the bomb. If Bo didn’t kill her before the time ran out, the bomb would explode. As soon as she was dead, he’d disarm the bomb with a touch of a button. Everyone else would live.
One little button held all the control.

“Do it.”

“Goddamnit, sweetheart, I’m not killing you!”


Bo’s eyes filled with pain, even more than before, as he dropped to the ground on his knees. “What you said earlier…I know you meant it. But, Bella blue, I love you. I’m sorry I screwed everything up. I’m sorry for everything.” His eyes said he wanted to come closer and pull her into his arms. “If that bomb explodes, we die together. What I’m not going to do is kill you. I. Am. Not. Killing. You. Got it?”

“People will die, Bo. There’s no way—”

“Tell me you love me.”

Her eyes filled with tears. She did love him. So damn much her heart wanted to explode from the amount of love she held for him. Which was why she had to end things before their love tore them apart.

“Tell me…”

She glanced at the timer.


Less than ten minutes to live.

Why would someone do this? To her? To them? What did she do to deserve this?

“You don’t lo—”

“I love you!” The pain in his voice gutted her. She almost fell over from the agony. “I forgive you. For everything. Now, pick up your weapon and kill me.”

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