|Foster An Author| Welcome to Beantown: A Boston Belles Novel by: Elle Vanzandt & P. Marie

On Monday I introduced my Author for Foster An Author 3 hosted by Jo & Isa Loves Books. This event is taking place on Facebook so please check it out and enter to win 2 E-books and a $10.00 Amazon gift card! All you have to do is like P. Marie page and the Southern Bred & Read Facebook page!

Today I’m introducing the Boston Belles from Welcome to Beantown!

Welcome to Beantown (#1)







🍁 About the Book 🍁

They say the college years are what really shape a person for adulthood, and although rare, unbreakable bonds of friendship can be made.

Gianna Moretti, Alexis Cole and Shelby Lansing are about to discover just how true that is.

When the three of them are thrust together in a new city and on their own for the first time at Boston College, none of them expected to click so suddenly despite their many differences.

They also didn’t anticipate how much their lives would be changed.

Forgotten dreams, family secrets and heartbreaking fears are revealed as they grow, learn and laugh together. What started as a bond of circumstance quickly becomes something they never realized they’d all been missing –true friendship.

However, when devastation strikes, will their friendship survive?

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