Ramblings of a Mediocre Book Blogger

The Fall season is descending upon us and with that the obsession with Pumpkin Spice Everything. I know this post may seem random but after seeing all the post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter recently I started wondering why it seems every book nerd like myself loves PSL. The only catch.. I detest everything pumpkin, the smell, the taste and don’t get me started on the horror of desecrating coffee with pumpkin.

pumpkin spice no

This thinking then led me to comparing other book nerds to myself, or at least the majority. I’ve never been a fan of zombies so that nixes being able to conversate about the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones has never been on my radar, I like my tea cold with ice and I’d rather have a mixed drink than wine. I will never participate in sock Sunday because some legs just weren’t made for the internet and cute pictures of me with my peeps having drinks or at book events won’t happen since I have like one peep. Seriously, I keep my circle small. All of this leaves me wondering where my place in this amazing community is!

I love books. I love everything about them, the simple fact that they help me get out of my head is enough for me to love them. This seems to be my one and only link to the book community, the actual love of books. It doesn’t matter how underwhelming my instagram pics are or the lack of followers I have, at the end of the day I do it all for the books. My true peeps.


But then again I have book secrets. Yes, book secrets! I know, I know the scandal is real with this next one. I’m not a Harry Potter book fan. I read 3 of the books and I was done. JK Rowling is brilliant but I just couldn’t read anymore, although I did like the movies. I’m not popular with this one I know.  So in that one sentence I guess you can take away fitting in with the Potter crowd, thus killing any chance I ever had of being in house Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. I’m not sure of any other ways I can destroy my rep as a book blogger but remember I do love books, maybe not all the books but enough of them to call myself a book lover.

So if you ever decide to follow me on social media or my blog just know you will NEVER see Harry Potter references, love of Pumpkin anything, zombies or GOT. I’m sure im failing in other areas as well as a book blogger but what you will get is, books, books and more books. What you will also get is the sarcastic, tattooed book lover that I am and everything random that floats in this brain of mine.

As always my awesome nerds, you’re more than welcome to comment and add your 2 cents.


3 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Mediocre Book Blogger

  1. Hahaha…love this post! At least your honest right? And actually I totally agree with everything you said except for the pumpkin spice…love that stuff!! But isn’t it awesome to be diverse in our tastes and still have a community to fall back on?? Anyways, like I said..great post!!😁😁

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