|Discussion| To Read or Not to Read… An Author On One Bad Book…

Hey y’all this a topic that I’ve been kicking around for a while but could never really translate it from my brain to the written word. Today I’ve decided to tackle the beast that taunts me.

We’ve all had books recommended to us “That is just the greatest book ever” or “The absolute must read of the year.”  But what happens when you read the book and you are so underwhelmed you’re left looking around to see if anyone else agrees with you? What’s worse is you follow the author on all forms of social media and for all intents and purposes they seem like an amazing human that is so loved by other authors and other book lovers that you feel like an ass for your opinion. Leaving you wondering how this amazing and talented person didn’t connect with your book loving soul? OH, and god forbid the recommendee asks you what you thought about the book…. There is no faster way to piss off  a book friend then disliking their favorite book! You all of a sudden become the person they must not mention and they’re all but wearing garlic around their neck to avoid you and your book hater heart. The struggle is trule and genuinely real.

This happened to me last year with one of the more popular talked about contemporary romance books of 2016. I was so excited to dive into this book and be transformed by its words like all my other fellow bibliophiles, but by the end of the third chapter I was chanting internally “You can do this Elle, you can finish this book.” I honestly wanted the hours back of my life that I wasted reading that book. I know I sound like a dick but I am unapologetically who I am. I was seriously bored reading the proclaimed must read.

giphy (2)

Why were all the reviews so amazing? Where the hell were the others that felt like I did? Why did I feel like an outsider in this community that I love so much? I honestly thought an emotional part of my brain was broken or maybe my give a damn for this certain trope was broken? Maybe others are like me and just refuse to leave a review for a book they had zero connection with at the risk of looking like a huge dick, we would just rather stay silent.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time I felt this way, leaving me to wonder what other readers such as myself do. Do you give the author another chance to win you over? Do you just count it a loss and stay silent? Do you actually write the review that others don’t have the courage to do? Seriously where are my fellow readers that don’t always fit in with the crowd and the mainstream must read books?

giphy (3)

With all this being said, I have the utmost respect for every single author I’ve ever read for the simple fact that they do put them selves out there for the world to love or hate, taking more courage than I have in my pinky. It’s personally why I’ve never published those “WTF” did I just read moments. I don’t feel like it takes away from my credibility to blog and be honest with my opinions, I just choose not to publish those particular reviews.

Alright my awesome nerds, I cant wait to hear about your opinion on today’s discussion!! Stay beautiful!



6 thoughts on “|Discussion| To Read or Not to Read… An Author On One Bad Book…

  1. John Green’s “Looking for Alaska.”
    And whoever wrote “Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

    I couldn’t stand either of the books. I read them, hated every second of them, but forced myself through to the end. I just had no idea why my friends were just drooling all over these books and proclaiming them to be incredible and amazing and “the best book I’ll read all year.” They were not.

    I’m like you, though, if I read a book and don’t connect with it, I’m not going to drag it. (My friend Leslie will totally do that on their site, though, so I’ll leave it to them.) I’ll write constructively about it, but I won’t be all, “This book sucked for all these reasons.” I’d rather just not write about it if it’s that bad.

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    1. Exactly!! I also totally agree on “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” I found that one hard as well!!! I’m glad there are others out there like myself!!


  2. I don’t think it’s humanly possible for everyone to like the same book. Even a huge talked about book that most people are raving about. There will still be some people who don’t like it, and if you’re one of those people…so what. It happens. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or you’re in the wrong, it just means you didn’t connect to the book. Nothing wrong with that and completely normal. I’ve never read the Fifty Shades of Grey books and sometimes I swear I hear crickets chirp when I say that. *hears a few chirping* haha Erotica isn’t my thing, generally, and I don’t know, I just never had the urge to read that series. Does that make me weird or something wrong with me? Well, *chuckles* some may say so, but oh well. We’re all entitled to our opinion, even though you choose not to voice your displeasure in a certain book, doesn’t mean you can’t. I’d even welcome it because we, as readers, need to see the good with the bad. I don’t always leave a review, but I do rate. And when I do review, I try to be as completely honest without being disrespectful. But some books do get me so hot about something and I say it in the review, at the same time, I try to say it without being rude because even if I had a problem I don’t think I should be rude about it.

    Write those reviews, girl! Good and bad. People will still like to read them and see a new perspective. At least, I do.

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