Where do you buy your books?

This past week I started prepping for a book shopping trip, making a list and digging through my Goodreads  making sure I didn’t leave any book left behind. I was super stoked and ready to come home with a book haul that any book nerd would be proud of.

Y’all, I came home with 4 books!!!


Yea, it was depressing as hell…..

I was looking for  authors such as Meghan Quinn, Sara Ney, BB Easton, Meghan March, Lauren Blakely as well as a few others. After talking to 3 different Barnes and Noble and a Half Price Books, I just decided to call it a day feeling dejected and shocked that I couldn’t find the books on my list. Seriously WTF does B&N not believe in laughing and loving the books your reading? Maybe we could scale back on the 9 million cat calendars you carry and the amount of Funko Pops you’re pimping out so that you could get some more books in. Although in fairness those little funkos are cute as hell, but lets scale it back a little.

giphy (1)


I really want to support the physical book stores, but it’s getting harder when they’re carrying the same authors and never bringing in the newer authors who deserve their time to shine on those amazing book shelves of Barnes and Noble. I can order books online from B&N as well as Amazon and the actual author sites, but there is something to be said about walking in to your favorite bookstore and walking out with that oh so beautiful book candy and knowing you supported the actual book store.

So it leads me to ask, where do you buy your books? What do you do when they don’t carry your books? Do you order them into the store or skip it and just buy online? Leave me a comment and let me know how you buy your books, also where do you buy your bookish items?


6 thoughts on “Where do you buy your books?

    1. I really need to start looking for more independent book stores to support them, especially if I can’t even find the books I’m looking for. Sometimes the smaller ones hold the best gems!

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      1. I went on a mission some weekends back where I visited all the independent bookstores near me. I felt so proud of myself until I found out I still had missed 3-4. They are out there!

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  1. I love going to Barnes & Noble, but it doesn’t happen often. They actually closed the one close to my house and put in a clothing store instead. It was pretty disappointing! But I tend to grab a book or two when I’m in Target, but they only have a very small selection and my usual authors I read. Otherwise I get ebooks from iBooks and from Kindle.

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    1. I heard that B&N closed a few stores, it sucks when it’s your local store. I’ve also heard that Amazon has opened some book stores. I love the little hole in the wall book stores but I never seem to find many. I also grab a few books in Target and surprisingly Sams has some
      good picks as well. I guess Amazon is going to be my back up either way!!!

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