Favorites, Funnies and Suggestions

So today as I was sitting here waiting for the games to start ( Yes, I love football) I was looking for something to skim/read. One of those books that always seems to be my go to when I just need to pass an hour and don’t want to start a new one. It left me wanting to do a blog about some of my favorite books.

One of my favorite authors is Colleen Hoover, I’ve yet to review one of her books and as cheesy as it sounds I haven’t quite figured out how to put my feelings about her books into words. None the less my favorite go to book of Colleen’s is Maybe Someday. This book owns me hook, line and sinker. So make sure and check it out if you haven’t, trust me it’s the shit !!

Goodreads Link

Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1)


Book number 2 for moi is Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds. I honestly love this book and I have no idea why. I love alpha males, but even more I love a man who will protect his woman no matter what and this books has all kinds of feels. I actually love every Until Series book that Aurora has come out with so find it and download it !!

Goodreads Link

Until November (Until, #1)

3rd is one I’ve read a lot, in all reality it should be number 2 but I lack the effort to go back and change it. Without further ado I bring you Rule by Jay Crownover. Rule is the first of the Marked Men Series that Jay wrote and by far my favorite. I have a soft spot for tattooed and troubled men… Well in books only, in real life you better have your shit together. Anyhow this book features a story that sucks you in but never offers you the perfect relationship and I can appreciate the heck out of that in a book. However there  is a happy ending and if you continue to read the other books in the series you will get to see their brand of happiness progress.

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Rule (Marked Men, #1)

4th on my list is literally any book Mariana Zapata has written. I love her style of writing and the strength she gives each of her heroines. I love a woman who wont be pushed around and can give as good as she gets. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Under Locke are 2 that I go to the most but she also has Kulti, Lingus, Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin and her latest release Wait For It.

           Goodreads Link                                                                  Goodreads Link

Under LockeThe Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Once again my inability to choose has me telling you to pick up a Julie Garwood, anyone will do. She is an amazing author and one I will always love to read. She started off writing historical romances but her style was different from others in that genre. Through the years she has evolved to contemporary novels with a little mystery involved. Her characters have bold personalities with her heroes as alpha as they come and her heroines as stubborn as can be to accept the word of an alpha. Her writing makes you laugh and turning pages so fast you don’t realize you never went to bed to finish a book. Well maybe you realize it but you certainly don’t care.

            Goodreads Link                                                                Goodreads Link

The Bride (Lairds' Fiancées, #1)Heartbreaker (Buchanan-Renard, #1)


I have so many others that I’ve gone back to, but I’ll save those for another day. What are your go to books that help you pass the time, share the love so we can add them to our TBR piles or discuss our favorite bits.

Until later my awesomely amazing readers,


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