Yes, It’s Really Me!! I’m Back!!

Ohhhh my amazing followers, I’m back. I’m so sorry I was M.I.A for awhile but I’ve been super busy, the mom life was on overdrive during the holidays. I never realized how much I would miss reviewing, but boy howdy did I ever miss this hobby of mine. You might notice that I gave the blog a slight makeover, I feel like this is a better representation of me. There are a few things that I will continue to tinker with to make the blog better.


I’ve read some amazing books by J.Saman, Amanda Siegrist, Harper Kincaid, V.P. Ortiz, Abigail Drake, J.L. Berg and Tracie Banister just to name a few. I will be adding a calendar to let you know days that I will have stuff posting. I have some amazing blog touring companies that I’ll be blogging for such as InkSlinger and Xpresso Book tours and have some exciting stuff coming from those companies. It’s a new year and I’m truly ready to amp up my blogging game. If you have any suggestions that you think could help, PLEASE let me know. I’m all about making this page better so either leave a comment or email:

See you very soon my lovelies !!! (Ok, so that sounds damn creepy, but you get the gist)


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