|Book Review| Rules of Contact by: Jaci Burton

Title: Rule of Contact

Author: Jaci Burton

Publisher: Berkley Romance

Author Website: http://www.JaciBurton.com

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Genre: Contemporary Romance


A defensive end for the San Francisco Sabers, Flynn Cassidy is used to being in the spotlight—he just doesn’t enjoy it. But if getting in front of the cameras will help his new restaurant succeed, he’s willing. Now if he could just meet a woman who loved him and not his fame…

After her divorce, Amelia Lawrence is thrilled to start over as head chef at Ninety-Two. It’s just the opportunity she needs to heat up her career—if only she wasn’t wildly attracted to her sexy new boss. Their chemistry might be sizzling hot, but Amelia has no intention of being burned again.

Flynn can’t get enough of Amelia, and Amelia loves every second she spends with the tough yet tender Flynn. But trust is a hard-fought battle for both. Breaking the rules of contact and surrendering to their passion was the easy part. Are they willing to risk their hearts to win at the game of love?

This is the first Jaci Burton novel that I’ve read and I can promise it won’t be the last. If you’re looking for a sweet and steamy read then I highly recommend this book. I’ve always been partial to books that bring another element to the plot, something that makes me hunger for more and this delicious book had it all.

Rules of Contact is the story of the multi-talented Flynn Cassidy, football player by day and restaurant owner by night. Flynn is undoubtedly busy but he has no worries with his restaurant 92 being in the very capable hands of chef Amelia Lawrence.  Amelia is starting over in California after a divorce that’s left a bad taste in her mouth. Working at 92 is a dream for Amelia, Flynn has giver her full control of the kitchen so she can create her wonderful mouth-watering dishes. While grateful for her position in Flynn’s restaurant, Amelia really shows her spark and back bone when people try to push her around. This feisty chef is here to show them she isn’t to be trifled with. Flynn and Amelia have worked together meticulously to develop the perfect menu incorporating the taste of both chef and football player but what has cooked up even hotter is the chemistry between the two. I’m so corny, yes I know. But it’s true so don’t shoot the messenger.

Flynn is actively looking for someone to settle down with but along the way he’s lost his sense of whom to trust, with all the women just wanting to be in the spotlight instead of being with him, I think at this point we can’t really blame him. Amelia was never looking for romance but what we want and what we get are two different things. Amelia and Flynn come together beautifully in this story about food, football and love. This novel was hot and steamy and all the other words to describe sex so decadent it should be served on a platter ! To much? Well if it was I’m not sorry because it was muy caliente!

The author really was able to capture the feelings of vulnerability after divorce and a great sense of the mistrust one builds up after being burned. Ohhhh and the food that was described in this book left me hungry and a couple of pounds heavier I swear. If all the novels by Ms. Burton are this delicious then I’m in for them all !! I’ve rated this novel 4 stars.



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