Hey amazing peeps. So today I’ve been working on the blog and catching up on some of my favorite blog spots and it left me asking a question. There is a particular blog that I follow that is amazing, but today I noticed that every single book she reviews is either a 4.5 star or 5 stars. Here is where my questions comes in. Does a blogger lose credibility when every single review is positive? Would you want to read a review that was 3 stars or less? 

Please let me know your thoughts, I’m really curious on others opinions regarding this!!

Elle !!

3 thoughts on “|Question| 

  1. Oh yea, if I was reading reviews and they never dipped below 4 stars I would definitely start to question their credibility. No one is so lucky that they never read a book that’s bad, jeeze just in the past few days I’ve read at least 2 that were kind of terrible. I want honesty, not some fluff designed to never push the envelope or challenge the status quo.

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  2. I’m always suspicious when I see only 4- or 5-star reviews. On one hand, it’s great that they’re focusing on the books that they really enjoy. But on the other hand, I also like a balanced variety of reviews–positive, negative, and everything in between!

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