|Book Review| Start Again by: J.Saman

Start Again

Title: Start Again

Author: J. Saman

Author Website: http://jsamanbooks.com/

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Goodreads Synopsis: Kate Taylor had the perfect life. That is until an accident took everything she had away. For two years she has been living moment to moment and day to day. She’s lost and can’t seem to find her way back. Finally, in a last ditch effort, she decides to leave town in search of a fresh start. In walks Ryan Grant. The perfect man with dark hair and sexy green eyes. Doesn’t hurt that they have smoldering chemistry either. Too bad Kate’s heart and mind are trapped in the past.

Ryan Grant is stuck in limbo, floating through life with work as his only focus. Probably because he’s been betrayed a time or two by the people he thought he could trust. Needing a change, he plans on moving his company west to Seattle. There is just one big problem. He doesn’t fly. So when a girl from his past offers to drive him across the country, how could he say no? Katie is his dream girl after all. Always has been.

Damn you, J.Saman…You made me cry within 2 minutes of reading your book, I think that was a record. This book just had every emotion and had my feelings going in every direction but have no fear y’all, I loved the bejesus out of this book. Never mind me in the corner trying to hide my tears from my son who is staring at me like I’ve lost my mind.


Starting Again is about just that, starting again when you’ve lost everything familiar to you. Is there happiness or even love after devastation? These are questions that Kate Taylor is asking herself, after suffering a devastating loss. Start Again takes you on a journey of heartbreak, adventure, friendship and romance. This story displays a plethora of emotion and with the turn of each page you never know what you’re going to experience next, but its completely worth picking up and reading.

Kate Taylor is an emotional and complex sweetheart. She’s surviving day to day and has decided to hit the road to find her new normal. Kate’s character is believable and to me that’s such a big deal when writing about loss and moving on. She’s undeniably beautiful with her long platinum hair, clear blue eyes and rocking body, but more than that she’s got a beautiful soul despite what she’s been through. As her character transitions she shows her flirty and sensual side and I love it. She is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to a female character who is honest with her feelings and conveying them. I could read about Kate all day.

Ryan Grant is a scaredy cat when it comes to flying, so its a good thing a blast from the past is able to help him out and take him along with her on her journey to self discovery and a new place to live. Ryan is physically my dream man with dark hair and green eyes it also doesn’t help that he’s flirty, nerdy and dirty. Ryan really comes off as this cool laid back, down for whatever guy. He complements Kate completely, she’s a little crazy, he’s a stabilizer, she’s emotional, he’s understanding, she’s sexy, he’s sexy. Ryan never seems to tip toe around the elephant in the room when it comes to Kate’s issues even though he does use kids gloves when talking to her about them. He’s the perfect blend of manly and sweetheart and lets just say I’ve added him to my list of book boyfriends I wish really existed.

Kate and Ryan make their way across country leaving a different memory behind in each state becoming better friends along the way. What happens when you want it to become more than friends? Chemistry is what happens, chemistry of the hottest kind. But is it enough to help squelch the demons of your past that refuse to let you move on?  Ryan and Kate’s journey makes you wish you could hop in your car and just set out on self discovery  just to see what happens.

I highly recommend Start Again and give it 4 stars.

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