| Book Review| “Hart Broken” by Annie Arcane





Title: A Hart Series Novel ” Hart Broken”

Author: Annie Arcane

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author Website : http://www.anniearcane.com

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31358357-hart-broken

Amazon Link: Where to Buy

Synopsis: Mickey Hart doesn’t do one-night stands. Until she wakes up in a luxury penthouse. With nothing but a t-shirt. And no idea who it belongs to.

Enter Cale Windemere. Driven. Ambitious. Successful. And so gorgeous he could’ve walked straight out of a romance novel….

Except I can’t walk.

Not that it ever stops me from getting what I want.

I want her.

Even if she’s keeping secrets.

That could tear me to f*cking shreds.


That gif says it all….. Just Yes. So much yes. In case your sitting there thinking what the hell is ” So much yes’, well its Elle speak ( I’m Elle btw) for this author kicked this books hind end. See I can keep it clean!

First a back ground story. I met Miss Ann in her hosted Goodreads group Romance Writers and Readers. I asked her for some blogging tips and thus thru this conversation I found out she’d written a book. I flew onto my kindle books app, snapped it up and the rest is history. People I couldn’t put the book down. Seriously, couldn’t put it down!!  Now I’m not touting a life changing novel but I will go as far as saying she is the first and only author that I’ve ever read that has written a male character with a disability that  doesn’t miraculously recover. She gives a realistic view of someone with a disability and what its like to accept your fate and make the best of your situation, which was a breath of fresh air. This book was real, from the dialogue to the characters to the dose of reality that life likes to give us when we’d rather not receive it and that’s what I loved so much.  Ms. Arcane has a unique writing style that I feel would only work for her. Sounds ridic right ? Well it did to me too, but hopefully you get my drift…  She was meant to tell this story !

That being said, this book slayed my emotions. It put them in a pretty little box, then took a hammer and just decimated them.  Yes it was that good!

The book revolves around characters Mackensington aka Mickey and Cale aka captain sexy pants… I might have added the captain sexy pants part but I feel it’s an accurate accounting of Cale.  Anywho I digress. Mickey is a spirited, sweet and damaged soul. Although she hides her damage so very well and plays it off like a champ, until one day  she doesn’t and when she breaks Cale is there to catch her.  Cale is strong and sound of mind but not so much body as he is wheelchair bound. Cale has an amazing personality and a very realistic grip on his life, he’s got limitations but he’s not letting them slow him down. He truly is a different type of super hero, but even super heroes aren’t perfect and have doubts.
The characters each have their own personal struggles with life and the hard knocks that it can deal out. Love is this beautiful and freeing emotion but it can also be ugly and messy and right in the midst of this crazy/beautiful emotion the need  to hold a part of yourself back for protection or even self preservation will rear its ugly head. This specific emotion is one you will find written in a way that doesn’t leave you mad or upset with a character (so guilty of this usually) but instead  it leaves you cheering on these 2 dynamic characters and praising the author for her writing style.
I would really hate to leave out the supporting characters which add laughter, depth and shoulders to lean on when doubt comes knocking and a kick in the butt when acting like fools.
That all being I said I will be brutally honest because that’s just how I roll. Mickey does this stuttering thing because Cale is gorgeous and I believe that it stuns her into panty melting territory but the stuttering drove me crazy, although to be honest if I was confronted with someone as beautiful as Cale I might stutter to so who am I to judge. So yeah it drove me crazy until it just became a part of her quirky personality.  That’s my only negative and let’s face it, it’s reaching at being a negative.
I can only urge you to read this book and take the journey for yourself….
I rated this book 4 stars on goodreads.

One thought on “| Book Review| “Hart Broken” by Annie Arcane

  1. Elle,

    Thank you very much for the thorough review! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!!


    (What I really want to say: Fan-freakin’-tastic blog! I love the conversational tone with which you write your reviews! Well done!!)

    Liked by 1 person

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