Pandora’s Box or Something like it…

I’ve been prepping for weeks getting ready to start my blog. I’ve read and read until I suffered from massive book hangovers the next day. Yeah, you know the bleary, bruised eye feeling and yawning every half second and despite all my preparations I find myself just as lost as before. 

I always thought blogging came from the heart, you read a book and gave it an honest review and posted it. Right ? WRONG, on so many levels I was wrong.  First off I find out there are rules, rules of how to get followers, things not to do, ways to ask for ARCS and so on. So much so that I’ve found just as many, “How to blog” post as I have book reviews!  Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic on that front but it just seems like this community is a little more complicated then I assumed. I seriously felt like Alice in Wonderland and had to take a face palm moment after reading the numerous do’s and dont’s. 


I’m on  a few different forms of social media minus Facebook. It seems by not being on FB I’m shooting myself in the foot by getting my blog out. Does everyone have a FB?  I had one once upon a time and then the day came that I realized I didn’t have a thing in common with 90% of my “friends” and lost the desire to pretend to care anymore. I believe that’s why I moved to this community, I care about books and the authors that wrote them as well as my fellow bibliophiles. I just feel like I’m approaching this world of blogging wrong. Is there a wrong way? 

How did I not realize this was as complicated as it is??  Have you experienced any of these hiccups in blogging before? Do you also not have FB , and if not what other methods do you use to help spread the word? HELP!! PLEASE, any and all help is appreciated!!

2 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box or Something like it…

  1. I have the same dilemma right now with regard to Facebook. It seems like so many publishers and authors are on there and I feel like I’m missing out. I have a FB account but I hardly use it. I just don’t like FB drama and it always seems present there.

    Congrats on your new blog! 🙂

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