A Literary Love Story

The love of reading came at a very young age, its one of the few memories that I can truly remember as a little one. As I grew, my mother encouraged my love of reading, thru scholastic programs, taking me to half price books, signing me up for numerous book clubs and into early woman-hood finally introducing me to the author that started my passion for reading.  My mother, like myself was always able to escape through a book, she would hole up for hours reading and even though I loved to read at the time, I never really understood reading for hours. Then one day my mother introduced me to the one and only Mrs. Julie Garwood and her book, “The Bride”, I finished that book in 24 hours .  To this day the story of Alec and Jamie is my favorite and incomparable to anything I’ve ever read, to say it set the bar high for books to come in the future would be an understatement. Mrs. Garwood bridged an age gap between myself and my mother as well as my cousin and my aunt, we were all reading  Mrs.Garwood at this time and it brought us together in laughter.  I own every one of Julie Garwood’s books, my mother bought me all her historical romances and put notes inside of them, 18 years later they are still apart of my most prized possessions.

Reading isn’t just a way of getting through a weekend or wasting time, for me its my passion, its my way of finding myself one story at a time. Hundreds of books later I can honestly say I have many favorite authors who have touched my soul and helped me become the woman I am today. There are books that touched me in such a profound way that I tattooed a memory from it, so that I could look at it and know that everything will be ok. Books have been my best friends in light and dark times, they’ve helped me crawl out of the depths of despair and prosper in times of great accomplishments. They continue to better me, they bring perspective to this at times narrow mind of mine.

I know there are other blogs that might connect with your soul better than this one but if I can even touch one literary soul then my mission will be complete. I don’t just want to review books, I want to talk about them with you. The parts that made you laugh out loud, the parts that made you weep silent tears and lets not forget about the parts that had you smiling like a lunatic that begged the question from others, “What on earth are you reading”. I want to talk about every nitty gritty detail if that’s what makes you happy.

This first blog has been so hard for me to share, I have had so much self doubt about my desire to blog and to put myself out there. It leaves you raw and open to criticism and when it comes to your one true passion that’s scary as hell. I’ve had the support of many and trust me when I say it hasn’t been easy but with the feeling its left in my soul, it has been so worth it. Please always be honest with any suggestions or comments, I will always take them to heart so that I may better Southern Bred and Read.  If you’re interested in learning about the story behind Southern Bred and Read, please shoot over to the about me page so I can formally introduce myself !!




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